Example School District 123
Tuesday, April 22 2014
Training: AppliTrack 101 for Principals and Hiring Supervisors
Training: AppliTrack 201 for Principals and Hiring Supervisors
Wednesday, April 23 2014
Training: Guided Setup of AppliTrack
Training: AppliTrack PowerUp for Principals and Hiring Supervisors
Friday, April 25 2014
Training: What's new in AppliTrack?

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To View the AppliTrack HR Files Demo, simply click on the "Employees" tab once inside the system.

  • This is a demonstration system for AppliTrack.
  • All user and applicant information is fictional and intended for demonstration purposes only.
  • This demo system is configured to provide a general understanding of the AppliTrack system. To schedule a guided demonstration, e-mail info@aspexsolutions.com.
UserID Password Role
tryout tryout HR Manager (SuperUser)

  • Not all AppliTrack features may be enabled in the demo system at a given point in time.
  • The data in this system is reset nightly and updates/changes will be overwritten.